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Singer-Songwriter Emilia Tarrant Shares Stunning New 4 Track 'Honeymoon Phase EP'

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Having already made a name for herself with placements on Spotify's coveted New Music Friday, Emilia Tarrant has release her debut EP 'Honeymoon Phase'. A collection of delicate, nuanced tracks that demonstrate what a talented songwriter and performer Emilia is, the four track release is a breathe of fresh air.

Akin to fellow UK breakthrough Birdy, Emilia's use of gentle piano and soft vocals is something to be admired. Dappled with atmospheric production, giant reverbs and moments of electronics, it's hard to find fault with the EP when Emilia knows her sound so well and yet still finds room to experiment.

Opening with the stunning 'Honeymoon Phase', a mega moving builder that builds through piano and vocals before opening up into layers of subtle guitar, bass and electronics. Emilia introduces the EP's etherial emotional with a beautiful, cinematic soundscape akin to London Grammar setting the tone for the brilliant EP to come.

Elsewhere on the EP Emilia finds a more upbeat note on the electro-pop tune 'If Love Is A Gun', a track which balances melancholy with driving beats and electronics to great effect. Keeping to her unique stylistic sound whilst also moving further into the realms of Pop, the second track changes the tone before the previous single, the wistful 'Here You Are, Again' see's her once again rely on her impeccable ability to create delicate yet layered Alt-Pop tunes that hit the spot in both emotion and musical complexity.

Closing with the acoustic guitar and vocoder led 'September', Emilia closes the EP with a gem, a track which could have come straight out of the back catalogue of The Japanese House. If you can't tell by everything I've written so far, I'm a huge fan of the 'Honeymoon Phase EP'. It's a bit of me, it has elements of some of my personal faves: Birdy, Rhodes, Bon Iver, the just mentioned The Japanese House and London Grammar. It's 5 star review from me! Listen below:


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