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Singer/Songwriter Eve Simpson to Release Coming-of-Age Ballad "The Strangest Company" 10/28

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Credit: India Hunki

Critically-acclaimed folk singer-songwriter Eve Simpson has returned with her latest single, “The Strangest Company,” set for release on October 28th. The track, a piano-led ballad with swirling harmonies that highlight sparkling lead vocals, focuses on the mixed feelings of meeting new characters in your story. “Even if we don’t kiss, I better learn something new/ From you,” Eve muses.

South Shields-born and Edinburgh-based, Eve balances her storytelling and inspiration between the two worlds. Prior work found her touring with Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, scoring the North East segment of a FOCAL International award-winning film, and being featured on BBC Introducing. Her latest release seeks creative liberation from the dichotomy of her two homes as she romanticizes her 20s and examines her fascination with people and their stories.

“The Strangest Company” is rich in Geordie tones, yet the production highlights the clash of worlds. There is a hint of fiddle, from Scottish fiddle-player Eryn Rae, and subtle synths, from producer Luke Elgie, representing a new, uncomfortable world. The track was recorded between Blank Studios, Newcastle, and Haquin Studios in Leith.

Eve’s songs are inspired by the piano-centered storytelling of Carole King, the soaring vocals of Kate Bush, and the honest lyricism of her hero, Joni Mitchell. From magic, to love, to societal observations, Eve writes about everyone and everything, as a means to navigate the world.

Throughout Eve’s many performances this past summer in the Scottish Central Belt and Paris (Sneaky Pete’s, Sofar Sounds), it became apparent that “The Strangest Company” had an impact on listeners. Perhaps this is due to its innate relatability. Eve shares, “‘The Strangest Company’ offers an ethereal and heartfelt narrative of longing to fit in. The pizzicato lines between the fiddle and piano mimic the ticking of a clock - as my attempt to fit in runs out throughout the track.”

Eve serves as an In The Room representative for the Ivors Academy, focused on the impact of working outside of a major music city and the mental health of music industry workers. She co-runs an independent record label, Intarsia Records, focusing on underrepresented artists in the UK. Her highly anticipated EP is due for release early next year, funded by Youth Music, TikTok, and Turtle Bay, and supported by her first UK tour.

Live Shows:

October 28th - Edinburgh (Flat Gig, Single Launch)

October 30th - Edinburgh (Dragonfly Songwriter's Circle)

November 7th - Edinburgh (Virgin Hotels)

April 2023 - UK Tour

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