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Sintra drops massive remix of 'Control' by Jack Vice

Sintra is continuing to make waves in the electronic scene, with the multi-talented producer dropping his first single in 2021, and has only gone onto bigger and better things since then. He has this heavy bass style that is entirely unique and his own, and is now becoming the synonymous signature trait for Sintra.

He now returns with his take on Jack Vice's new single 'Control', and he certainly put his stamp on it. A dark and sinister overload of synths immediately grab your attention with the female sampled vocal providing a depth of immersive sound, before Sintra quickly builds into a surrounded techno and house beat. Another huge showing from this fast riser, this will for sure kick your Friday night into gear.

“Me and Jack Vice started our journeys together so we've been close from the beginning. The second he showed me "Control" I already had ideas for a remix. I wanted to land on something that still captured that melodic vibe but would hit deep on the dancefloors. We're really happy with the way it turned out, and we hope you guys enjoy it too.” - Sintra

Check out "Control - Sintra Remix" here:


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