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Sintra drops scintilating new single 'Break'

Nashville has itself a new electronic giant, and he goes by the name of Sintra. Bursting onto scene playing the likes of Bonaroo festival, he quickly made a name for himself on the live circuit. Now, he releases his debut original track 'Break', and it symbolises everything that makes Sintra such a standout producer and DJ. Creating all of his work himself, he has latched onto the electronic faster than pretty much anyone, and delivers a masterpiece in this track.

"Break is about being caught in a bad romance. There's frustration but there comes a point when you decide to stop caring and just enjoy yourself. That's the energy I wanted to capture." - Sintra

It has the energy of a producer who has been in the scene for several years at least, and Sintra is only just getting started. With a bunch of new and remix material coming very soon, we can't wait to see what he conjures up next.


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