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Snowfish drop new single 'Maybe'

Australia-based Snowfish have been working hard in the studio. The final product resulted in an emotional alt-rock track called ‘Maybe,’ a track fused with a mixture of drums, bass, and soothing vocals providing a gentle but impactful presence on this record. In general, Snowfish have created their own unique sound consisting of deep subtleties, edgy guitar riffs, and diverse vocal melodies, all inspired by some of the most innovative musicians in their respective genres, such as Muse, Radiohead, and The Beatles.

Talking to us about the release, Snowfish shared: “The narrator of Maybe fantasizes about being in love and putting others before themselves, even though there is no one there. We wanted to write a nice love song while still having a dark undertone to the tune, imperfection lurking beneath the surface.”

The young band has gained over 40k collective streams, national exposure on commercial station Triple M, and features on top online rock sites such as Hysteria Magazine, Amnplify, and Happy Magazine, firmly establishing their position on the Australian rock circuit as a band on the rise.

With the album and new music on the way, Snowfish have already performed live in NSW, with an east-coast tour planned for 2022/2023. The brothers are here making a name for themselves, and ‘Maybe’ is just a glimpse of what’s to come.



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