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Sofia Zadar drops immersive new E.P "Hictopia"

Sofia Zadar is the moniker of Romanian queer musician Maria Sgarcitu. Her unique and signature sound has impressed tastemakers and fans alike. Speaking about their unique lyrical and musical sound, they say: “What drives me to make music is the need for emancipatory imaginaries and togetherness. Beyond the anthropocene, our multispecies sensibilities connect sky to ground, past to future, human to nonhuman. I want to hold space for these intermeshing sensibilities in a way that centres the deep seated needs of my communities as well as our work to world new worlds.”

Zadar is returning with a new E.P entitled "Hictopia." Featuring much-loved singles "Nostos" and "RED," "Hictopia" shines a light on three new tracks. "Polymyth" comes as an immersive musical soundscape. Whereas tracks "Sâmca” and “Hictopia” are hard-hitting and infectious, coming with an irresistible, electronic-tinge. The E.P constantly evolves throughout, and will be sure to pick you up and pull you in.

Speaking about the E.P, they say: “I conceived Hictopia as an exploration of the transformative possibilities of the here-and-now, whether these are emotional, somatic or collective. I believe this album to be a much-needed thread that sows utopianism to what is ancestrally within ourselves and our communities. Our ways of life in tune with earth and body are already here, underneath the layered systems that forbid our thriving. We need not search a thousand miles outside, but rather inches beneath, for the nurture and insight to birth new worlds.”

We cannot wait to see where they'll take this.



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