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Sofia Zadar releases infectious new single “Red”

Maria Sgarcitu is the mastermind behind Sofia Zadar. Their refreshing take on pop has seen them merge and blend old and new together perfectly. After having lived in the UK for five years (where they studied History of Art at University of Cambridge), then Berlin and Barcelona, Maria returned to Bucharest in 2018 and started putting together this musical project which has seen them gather a global audience.

Their latest offering comes in the form of single “Red.” Featuring experimental instrumentations, grooving beats and infectious vocal lines, the track will be sure immerse you and leave you wanting more. The single fully showcases Zadar’s ability to push and bend genre barriers.

Speaking about the single, they share: “RED holds space for anger, for the information it unravels and the agency it restores at the core. It centers the return to a body no longer knotted by withheld rage and proposes outlets for anger outside of aggression. Live gigs are among the few places where we can release residual energies stored from stress or anger in socially acceptable ways - through screaming, uncensored movement, etc. I birthed RED precisely with this aim to create a cathartic space during gigs and listening sessions, to offer my audience and community a safe and non-aggressive space to release withheld emotion.”

Sofia Zadar is taking the music industry by storm and we cannot wait to see where she takes this.

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