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Soleil River Nation debuts with honest single ‘Small Girl in a Big World’

Soleil River Nation, a ten-year-old musician and athlete from Manila, Philippines, is now shining in the city of Miami Beach, Florida. Transcending, expectations by embracing her heritage and expanding her talents across various musical and athletic endeavours, Soleil taught herself piano at the age of six, finding her voice shortly after. With subsequent improvement on the trumpet as part of Miami Music Project's children's orchestra, she earned the ‘Student of the Year’ award in 2023 for her exceptional contributions. As a key member of the Grammy award-winning National Children's Chorus, Soleil continues to grow.

Soleil has now released her debut single ‘Small Girl in a Big World’, reflecting on her role within the world and how intimidating it can be growing up with so many unknowns. She takes to this subject with a sense of raw honesty but also innate optimism, transforming her words into music filled with glowing instrumental melodies and driven drum backbeats. Her singing is full of passion and is helped to rise to a stratospheric climax at the end of the track by her gleaming ensemble.

Soleil adds, ”I composed this song as I near my 10th birthday, reflecting on my role in the immense universe filled with uncertainties.“I don’t wanna grow up to see the bad things or the sad things or the mad things.”



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