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"Soul" is an iconic release from London's Keeper

Behold! One of the strongest track's from 2021 - and we preach it! 'Soul' is armed with pop-punk, emo and hyper-pop rock elements that will leave you leaning to your hairbrush so you can sing all the words down the 'microphone'. Working with producer Jon Cass for the energetic new single, the track is taken from a forthcoming EP. Armed with a powerful arrangement, the instrumentation includes synthesisers, guitar, 808s, snares, claps, gang vocals and even ‘butt slaps’ - if this track doesn’t scream versatility, who knows what will!

Speaking about the new release, Keeper shares, “Soul, for me, has two meanings. The song itself is about getting bored. Bored of where you live, bored of the people you're with, bored of the shop, and bored with the sky above you. It's a song about having a need to break out, like a Hyperpop version of Pop-Punks "I hate this town". How life starts off fine, but gradually the monotonous routine of it all leaves you feeling burnt out, but what's the point of leaving?

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