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Spencer Flay releases energised EP ‘5 Pack’

Spencer Flay first rose to attention in 2018, when the BBC became fascinated with his routine of writing songs in his crane cab, 30 metres over the Bristol Docks. He is a dance and reggaeton singer-songwriter who spent the last few years creating a live buzz in the southwest after signing with ADSRecords in 2020.

The latest release from the multi-instrumentalist is the new EP ‘5 Pack’, featuring two new singles entitled ‘Guitar Cases’ and ‘Just Sayin’’, as well as his earlier collaborations with Cut Throat Francis, Luke Potter and Nicole Silva. ‘Guitar Cases’ is a gritty indie-rock anthem, injected with high-octane riffs and soaring distorted vocals, reminiscing on the thrills of his earlier years. ‘Just Sayin’’ takes a completely different direction, with heavy electronic synths that make it akin to drum and bass, whilst still maintaining the dance-along energy Spencer Flay consistently brings to the table.

Spencer speaks about the release, “I’ve always wanted to make this EP happen and doing so has been a crazy mad coaster. I’ve been lucky enough to meet five outstanding artists that have been overly helpful in lending me their talent for these five tracks, working with these different genres and these mint human beings have given me a warming experience and a great connection and insight into other genres of music I wouldn’t usually dabble in. It all started because I wanted to try something different and give a little more, so I thought, what would it sound like if I crossed my reggaeton with all these other exotic styles? And that’s helped me to tell better stories and put out a lot of different emotions.

A massive love goes to my producer Angus Malcolm who, in the way only he can, supply the perfect amount of “weird” to mix these genres into the perfect concoction. And magically has it all sounding like it belongs on the same EP. It’s been an exploration and I hope you enjoy where it takes you!”



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