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StarAce release riff-roaring new single “Mystical Cat”

StarAce have set out to create a refreshing take on rock music - and they’ve done just that. Their unique and signature sound pays homage to their musical roots, whilst also offering something different. Hailing from São Paulo, the band consist of three brothers: Julio, Luiz and Thomaz Starace.

Their latest single “Mystical Cat” is an infectious new offering. The track features thrashing drums, pounding bass lines and distortion drenched guitars. Vocals smash through the mix with their irresistible melodies that work hand in glove with well-penned lyrics. Accompanying the track is an equally immersive music video.

Speaking about the single, they say: “The message can be just a reason for the listener to think about their desires and misconceptions towards another person who is playing with your emotions and expectations.”

We believe StarAce have the potential to go all the way, and become leading figures for the global rock scene.



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