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STAYOUTLATE drop highly anticipated debut album 'FABERGE'

4-piece talent collective STAYOUTLATE have certainly been making a name for themselves of late as Canada's next big act to storm out the industry's gate. Founded back in 2014, Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf decided to form somewhat of a supergroup have since released a collection of superb mix between rap and hip-hop, with a class A production and sonically diverse approach to their tracks. They all seem to take turns to rap and sing, which is such a rarity in itself, where each artist of the group can take to the stage with an instant presence and they do it with complete ease and grace.

Their longly awaited album 'Faberge' is a culmination of the groups work over the years, transcending into a a 9-track body of work that showcases their ever evolving sound. 'Bodmon Vibes' is the lead single taken from the album, and it is such a statement from STAYOUTLATE. It's got a kind of sinister feel to it, with the signature energy and production that is brought to the forefront. The track is bold, brave, and provides a soundscape for wanting you to attack the day, with a constant beat that travels throughout the song. It's layered with melodic hooks and rhymes that simply keep you guessing with every line, not expecting what's to come next.

Every track hold it's own place, with an undeniable charm and wit about them all at the same time. The title of the album also has it's own interesting origin as well, dating back to 1885. Named after one of the most famous decorative ornaments ever made, the Fabergé Egg has stood as a symbol of opulence, style and class. It's clear - STAYOUTLATE have thought of everything.

"In the social media age, everyone has this expectation for you to be bright and perfect. The reality is “perfect” doesn’t exist and on top of that, the stress we all experience striving for perfection can be catastrophic. Sometimes dancing with your darkness leads to a brighter tomorrow."


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