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  • Rose Shannonn

Stef Montanaro releases new track ‘Mesmerising’

Neo-Soul singer Stef Montanaro releases a new track entitled, ‘Mesmerising’. The single embraces the beauty of confidence, self-love and empowerment; Stef Montanaro expresses a personal connection to the single “it’s an open love letter to all of the woman around me, highlighting their worth and importance, it’s a song very close to my heart as I feel it’s important to pay tribute to the women that have shaped my life and also women in general.”

Mesmerising sounds like a warm holiday dream; the jazzy-inflected instruments, Stef’s honeyed vocals and the layered electric baseline, all synced with the talented artist's contemporary old soul vibe. The lyrics breathe life into the listeners’ minds - coated with affirmations and positivity. Mesmerising evokes rebirth, unlimited confidence and independence.

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