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Swim Fan release video for new single 'Tell Me What U Want'

Swim Fan have released their newest wave of dreamy psych-pop with third single ‘Tell Me What U Want’ - accompanied by a video that keeps in theme of their wild creation.

In keeping with their trademark sound, the trio create an ethereal soundscape that could soundtrack any kind of surreal experience one could imagine. The incredible sound of the instrumentals do not however take away from the insightful lyrics

“"Tell Me What U Want" is about having a fight with an ex, while still living together at the time”, explains the group. “The song details the feelings and conversation that take place knowing you both can't go anywhere”.

In perfect synergy with the song itself, the video that pairs, is an equally bizarre tale of a salesman in a mattress store trying to escape the mundane day to day and enter the fairytale realms of love.

It’s been a big year for Swim Fan and one that sees them enter the new year in a great position as ones to watch. Expect big things from them in the future.

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