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Taylor Noelle Will "Be Around" For You in New Single & EP

After a year hidden away, a lot of us are aching for music that not only lifts our spirits and has a powerful message, but connects us to others again. Luckily for us, Taylor Noelle created just the EP for that. "Be Around," the 6-track debut from the Nashville singer-songwriter, is a culmination of the past few years of the singer's life.

"Be Around," the title track, is one that embodies the EP as a whole; buoyant sonics mixed with introspective and emotive lyrics, all tied together with what can only be described as euphoric, a feeling that's prevalent when listening to the EP. To note, the EP was written as a collection of songs about a chapter in Taylor's life, one that was flickered with fear, anxiety, and desperation, but is now closing at a time where she's leaning into clarity, patience, and love.

“It’s a song about showing up for someone and loving them when everything seems dark to them," Taylor states. "Even if I can’t fix your problems for you, I can just be with you and be there for you. The difficult times that I have been through give me the experience to know how to show up going through something similar.”

The song and the EP as a whole both have taken on a new meaning after 2020. “As I lived with the song for more than a year before putting it out, it started to take on a new meaning for me. With the isolation of quarantine, I found myself falling into cycles of sadness and anxiety. While I had amazing people around me who continued to love and support me, I found myself realizing that I had to learn to show up for myself and offer the same love and patience to myself that felt more natural to offer to others. I learned to recognize and love my inner child.”

In a world where pop stars are a dime-a-dozen, Nashville's Taylor Noelle is a glittering bright light ready to make her mark.

Check out "Be Around" now.

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