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Tender Glue releases new single "My Sweetest Tone"

Tender Glue has treated us in his latest singe "My Sweetest Tone". The single provides different musical textures which creates an ambient, atmospheric feel but also carries all the components for an all out indie-rock banger.

Tender Glue is made up of Tom Gluewicki, who was born and raised in Poland before relocating to New York in 2002, which explains the different influences and emotions in his music. Like for most of us, music has provided an escape for Tom Gluewicki and the subject matter of this track is the stress he felt when his family undertook this move.

Speaking about the song, Tom states: "As an uneducated immigrant who came to this country with no money or knowledge of English in my teenage years, the US quickly showed me where my place is. The verses represent this sort of way of being mistreated and the chorus describes that no matter what life throws at me, I’ll always stand my ground and “carry on with my sweetest tone.”

Tom recalls his first interaction with music when he was twelve years old, after repairing a damaged guitar brought home by his brother. Excited to learn how to play it, he soon discovered that his mother had thrown away the guitar, putting an end to his adventure, albeit the guitar has remained in his mind for a long time. Tom reignited his love for music 11 years later with an acoustic guitar he bought from Target and hasn't looked back since.

With an unquenchable need to create and express oneself, this non-band Tender Glue is on the right track, composing evocative and melancholy tracks that perfectly convey Tom's deep buried feelings, which many people will undoubtedly find solace in.



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