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Texas reggae band fusion Lion Heights release their highly-anticipated single 'False Reality'

Based in Austin, Texas, Lion Heights is an incredible band consisting of Dane Foltin, Jeremy Carlson, and James Campbell, that has created their trademark sound with influences from reggae music released in the 70s and '80s.

Amongst many accomplishments, the group have opened for legendary acts including Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Arise Roots, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Cocoa Tea. They've also championed the genre 'Outlaw Reggae', not trying to fit into Jamaican Reggae or Cali Reggae scenes, the band remain innovative whilst developing their own sound, incorporating their musical inspirations by making music that's futuristic and extremely captivating.

Lion Heights' forthcoming new album 'False Reality' is their first project since the release of their debut album 'Same Situation', released in 2017. The title track is an elevating and inspiring addition to their growing discography. It's powered by luscious vocals, reggae influences and dubby chords for the ultimate listening experience. It also serves listeners with an exciting and flawless taster of what's to come from their album, set for release on April 7th.

Speaking about their new album, Lion Heights mentioned: "This release has been a long time coming; a good amount of our story is in there. More than anything, we’re just glad to finally share it with our fans.”


Lion Heights' new single 'False Reality' is out now


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