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  • Nova Holmes

Texas talent Cabo Don teams up with Trey Detroit for upbeat r&b offering 'Outsiders'

Credit: Wes Ellis

Hailing from Texas, multi-talented instrumentalist and artist Cabo Don is well versed in the art of juggling unique talents. Having walked the same halls as the likes of J Cole following his stint at St John’s University, the classically trained pianist and violinist has since been embarking on a never-ending mission to create pop excellence. Following the expansion of his ever-growing discography and head-bobbing release ‘Stay The Night’, Cabo Don now returns with ‘Outsiders’ - an irresistibly upbeat offering featuring R&B maestro Trey Detroit.

Under his current nom de plume Cabo Don, Don has shown a natural affinity for collaboration. Demonstrating the organic value and depth that joining forces brings, Don has worked with the likes of JVZEL; an artist who boasts a star-studded repertoire with credits such as Baby Keem, Far East Movement, Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna.

By fusing the perfect melodic and upbeat pop flares with hip hop and R&B tones and seamlessly integrating them, Cabo Don’s latest offering lends itself to an aestival experience that envelopes its listener in a romantic, reflective moment.

Reflecting on his latest offering, Cabo Don shared:

“This track is for all the people who wish their situationship would turn into something more real. Really soon”

Open to all avenues of creative exploration, Cabo Don’s latest offering showcases a new-found self-awareness and an evolved approach as he consistently works to deliver his learnings in the form of song. Crafting a refreshingly different sound that is also consistent with the stylistic trends of today’s pop soundscapes, ‘Outsiders’ sees the artist double down on layered, old school hip hop production as he navigates his life experiences,

As his collaborator Trey Detroit croons over an energetic beat, he strikes the perfect balance of sophisticated cadence and recite-worthy hooks resulting in a cleverly complex track in wonderfully simple clothing. As Cabo Don continues to interlink classic, evergreen styles with pleasing, unexpected flips, his signature unruffled and unhurried production technique is one that resonates with every popular music lover.

With a repertoire that delivers instantly recognisable tones for fans, reminiscent of the likes of KYLE, Maroon 5 and Dram; you can expect non-stop pop hits from Cabo Don.

'Outsiders' is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:



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