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The Crystal Casino Band release their new indie anthem ‘Twenty-Something Socialist’.

Indie rockers The Crystal Casino Band have got a trick up their sleeve with their addictive new track ‘Twenty-Something Socialist’. The four-piece are no stranger to ridiculously catchy melodies and irresistible riffs and this new single is no exception. Taking inspiration from bands such as East-coast legends The Strokes as well as fuzzy, DIY sounds, the band have hit the nail on the head with this one.

Talking about the new track, frontman Pete shares: “To me, I think the song is about uncertainty of our future here on earth given the political state of the country. We’re not able to find any compromise to move anything forward especially on issues like climate change (treading water references). Any sort of political progress is branded as socialism in our country.”

Topical but never boring, The Crystal Casino Band are proving that there’s more to their music than just a throwback Indie sound and big things are incoming.



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