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The Desert Island Big Band Release New Single 'Monuments'

Monuments is the new offering from Canadian singer-songwriting The Desert Island Big Band. A la Tame Impala, or Julian Casablancas on Is This It, The DIBB is really a one man show made to sound like a full band, as the name would suggest. However, it is the brainchild of Stefan Jurewicz.

A crunchy guitar throughout is the constant in Monuments as a country like melody sits on top, and almost disco-like jangly guitar accompanies in the back keeping the listener engaged. Lyrically, Jurewicz asks the question 'what is all of this really for?' as he describes the protagonist running from the cops, and then explaining that even "Monuments will fade in time".

On the track, Stefan says:

“Monuments marks a period of intense self-reflection on a global scale, and is in itself a reflection on community. I used it as a social experiment of sorts to see what would happen if I gave the musicians I hired to play on it a high degree of creative control. It allowed me to separate myself from the track and enjoy it from a brand new vantage point, having personally contributed little more than three chords and a melody.”

Monuments is out and available to stream everywhere now so go check it out!

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