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The Golden Hour is sure to lift your mood in latest album 'Lives Like The City'

Matteo Zandonella Bolco is the mastermind behind The Golden Hour. His modern take on retro-wave synth pop is unique and signature to him, and his latest offering 'Lives Like The City' showcases this sound in all it's glory. The album showcases his fantastic lyricism that blends authenticity and nostalgia together. The tracks are presented with a playful, fun facade that has darker undertones underneath.

Matteo knows exactly what it's like to find solace within music. Moving country to country growing up, his only form of company was music. He hopes to impact and help his audience in a similar way.

Opening up about the new album, The Golden Hour shares: “This album is a beautiful reminder of who I am. It shows me the struggles and triumphs in my past, while guiding me to what's next for myself. I feel like these songs have helped stitch together all those little pieces that make up your identity with an honest listening experience; it gives you insight into where they came from & how we can overcome anything if need-be! The emotions brought out by these songs are so raw and real, I feel them deep inside my chest. There's moments worth smiling about even when life comes with its problems; it just makes everything seem manageable somehow.”

Beyond the bright style that sets this work apart from contemporaries, a way to new expression is being paved. It may not be the music that ‘changes the world,’ but it certainly is the music that will change the people of the world. The album will also be released as physical cassette and vinyl copies.


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