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The Human Man’s dreaming of ‘White Knuckle Holiday’

Dublin’s own indie-rock artist The Human Man, has grown up immersed in the Irish music scene, which left an indelible influence on him as an artist. Admiring bands like The War On Drugs and American Football has given the singer-songwriter a passion for expressing stories in a melodic setting. The Human Man’s sound blends nicely with indie and bedroom pop while preserving its own individuality. The new track, 'White Knuckle Holiday,' is catchy and hook-laden, thanks to his distinctive, melancholy voice and jangly instruments, and it's flavoured with subtle harmonies, producing a wonderfully dreamy, escapist atmosphere.

Discussing the release, The Human Man shares:

“White Knuckle Holiday is about not seeing eye to eye with yourself every day, and still learning even though you know yourself so well. The recording came together quickly and smoothly, it was written and demoed in one day and the final track isn’t miles different from the bedroom demo I did, which I love about it… It was an extremely rewarding task getting to play every instrument (except the drums) and sing every line. To truly focus on making this song the way I wanted to make it was an amazing feeling.”

'White Knuckle Holiday' is a hit, giving us dreamy summer feelings with a touch of reflection, and most importantly, exhibiting the artist's enthusiasm for what he does, demonstrating that The Human Man's music is emotive and real in ways, saying "not everything is perfect but life goes on regardless." Single is out now.


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