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The Lost Gecko’s ‘I Can Hear Echoes’ A Review

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The Lost Gecko is back with a truly heart wrenching and awe-inspiring track titled ‘I Can Hear Echoes.’ It is no surprise that this incredibly consistent band would pull off such a beautiful track because they have yet to put out even one bad song. I feel that this is their best effort yet.

I could tell from the opening cello and guitar that this single would be right up my alley. They have a real knack for creating simple, yet encapsulating soundscapes that carry the listener away. Malcolm Urquhart delivers another inspired vocal performance. One that blends effortlessly with the band’s instrumentations. The song starts soft and sweet and gently rises to the stratosphere where it eventually floats out of sight.

Besides the wonderful vocals, the band has some serious musical chops as well. They play very well off of each other and come together to chilling effect. It is no small thing to successfully draw out emotions from a listener, but The Lost Gecko seems to do it with ease.

It is a special thing to have a band that one can always rely on to put out quality music. I have yet to be let down by them and this track is just further proof that they are a quality group of musicians and songwriters that deserve all the success in the world.

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