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The Pulltops offer up their euphoric new single 'With You'

Ever since they returned with their stunning comeback single 'Changes' earlier this year, their first piece of new material in six years, The Pulltops have been making great strides to deliver a more vibrant sound for their latest incarnation. And with a spectacular run of releases under their belt these last few months, they return once again with their euphoric new single 'With You'.

While their most recent work has looked to explore these more ambitious ideals, this new outing is something completely new and exciting altogether. Taking influence from the vibrant stadium-ready anthems of the 80s and blending it with a more contemporary production, 'With You' is one of those impactful efforts that stays with you long after you've first heard it.

The duo's pursuit of broader and more captivating aesthetics has been well established so far this year, but 'With You' is easily their most compelling cut to date. Very rarely do we come across a track with this much power running behind it, but The Pulltops sound like a band gearing up to deliver their best material yet.

Enjoy 'With You' below.



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