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The Winter Codes drop album 'Set The Darkness Reeling'

Irish folk duo The Winter Codes bring their traditional folk influences together with a punk edge on 14-track album Set The Darkness Reeling crafted as a love letter to their native Ireland and an emotional tribute to fallen bandmate Paul Walshe.

From the energetic folk-rock feel of “Troublesome Girl,” led by an infectious chorus courtesy of featuring artist folk musician Lisa Loughrey’s soaring vocals to lead single “Too Sly to Die,” accompanied by a music video shot in Dublin landmark pub The Cobblestones, the project is stocked full of emotion and passion.

Featuring collaborations including the likes of Daithi Meila from the Irish/Bluegrass band Jig Jam and engineer Sean Montgomery Dietz, the body of work from Barney Murray and David Walshe offers up something for everyone while a common emotive thread stretches through it in homage to their bandmate Paul Walshe, who tragically passed away a decade ago.

Spanning Irish folk, rock, and everything in between, the energetic yet vulnerable collection establishes the expert musicianship and raw passion that the band encapsulates.


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