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These Brittle Bones shares his captivating new single ‘Beyond’.

These Brittle Bones returns with another mesmerising new offering in the form of ‘Beyond’, an ambient, electronic track with soft beats and alluring melodies. Blending both organic and electronic elements, These Brittle Bones keeps it original with his signature sound that can instantly whisk you away to another place and time. Cascading piano melodies will tug on your heartstrings while the muted beats soothe your soul, building to a stunningly layered pinnacle.

Speaking on the creative process behind ‘Beyond’, These Brittle Bones shares:

“The initial melody was created by looping piano motifs on top of one another, and the pattern that was building up became increasingly percussive in a way that made me want to take it even further. Steve Reich is one of my all-time favourite musicians, and I also really enjoy remixes of his work which add synths and bass lines on top of his looping of xylophones, microphones, and the like. I decided to try and marry the two and create a piece that captures the emotion of those early hours of the morning, of the magic of urban environments in that hinterland between the night out and the sun rising. I’m really proud of the result - it’s one of my favourite pieces from my new material.”

It’s no surprise that Chris Jones aka These Brittle Bones has captured the hearts of thousands and thousands of people the world over and each new release cements his unbelievable artistry further.

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