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TIEM’s New Track 'Soweto’ Has Landed and It’s Hitting Hard

TIEM’s empowering new track ‘Soweto’, centered around celebrating the women in your life, is hitting hard with an uplifting fusion of R&B Arfobeats and trap.

The dynamic new track masterfully combines TIEM’s silky, soulful vocals with bright synths and expert production. This alongside the track’s infectious, bouncing beat carries the listener and creates an overall magnetic soundscape.

Lyrically, influential women in TIEM’s life are at the centre of this multilingual track, discussing the single, TIEM said: The song Soweto acknowledges the importance of having a strong friendship with a strong woman in your life. It's such a fulfilling feeling when you know that somebody you can rely on has your back come rain or sunshine. And this is that song dedicated to all the strong women in my life and beyond.”

TIEM grew up with music as a big part of his life. At age of 20, he knuckled down to build what is now a unique and established brand with more singles on the way.



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