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Tony Benn releases 'If We Make It Through The Winter'

Tony Benn's folk single 'If We Make It Through The Winter' is a stunning record , packed with hard-hitting emotion and feeling that resonates with the piano-led instrumentation. Contemporary comparisons would be the likes of The National and Arcade Fire (think The Suburbs).

Recorded at The Animal Farm in London, the single is raw and authentic but still remains uplifting despite its narrative. Opening up about the track Tony says:

"No matter how badly this never-ending lockdown tests our resolve, no matter how the cupboard is bare and our pockets are empty, we can and will see summer. Soon come, my friends.”

A working musician from the West of Ireland, travelling from gig to gig with just his guitar and a duffel bag, Tony has been performing and creating music since the 1990s when his grunge band Exploding Marmalade broke into the Irish Top 30. Since then, Tony's ventures have taken him across the US, busking on the streets of Dublin and touring as an acoustic solo act in Europe.

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