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Toronto's OXYBUZ Releases Relationship Dystopian Ode "Flawed"

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Written about the downfall of a relationship, Toronto's very own OXYBUZ isn't holding back on his feelings with his new single "Flawed." “Flawed is about the degradation of relationships between people," he describes. "Whether it's a relationship or a friendship, flawed is about how selfishness prevails in people and with how the world is moving now, I feel like connections from person to person are breaking apart more than ever." The track is pulled from the singer-songwriter's new EP, "Gaia," which navigates his thoughts on everything from dystopia to climate change, truly aware of the direction the world & its inhabitants are headed.

Establishing himself in Toronto's underground scene, he's quietly but quickly started to make a name for himself with his ability and lack of fear to dip in and out of genres and mixing dark, cinematic and captivating sonics. In "Flawed," he gets even more deep and introspective. "I took the perspective of both sides, showing how most of us are hypocrites when it comes to judging how others treat us, because in the end we all have our own best interests at heart.” Utilizing his signature anthemic vocals and euphoric sonic, dipping in-between melancholy expressions and cinematic visuals through his artwork, OXYBUZ is not just an artist that can merely be listened to — he must be experienced.

Check out "Flawed" now.