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Toronto's Sandra Bouza captivates on her latest single 'Sit By The Fire'

Updated: Oct 3

Photo: Jen Squires

Ever since she first emerged, Toronto-based artist Sandra Bouza has been on an exceptional rise. Turning out a wealth of rich and riveting releases as often as possible, she recently returned after a three-year break after her spellbinding debut LP 'Falling Away From Me', and now looks to continue that vibrant comeback with her captivating new single 'Sit By The Fire'.

While her stunning voice has always remained the heart and soul of her music, the sheer energy of this new outing sets it apart from almost anything else she has delivered before. With its bold and soaring guitar hooks layered throughout, 'Sit By The Fire' is a firm and confident return from an artist that has always looked to add some much needed passion to the pop-rock scene.

Speaking about the new track, she said, "I think it’s really a song about burnout, in any industry or lifestyle, just trying to fit everything in all at once. And you always have this voice in the back of your head, or maybe a friend or influence telling you to slow down."

While these kind of outings have always been a staple in her sound, there is something about 'Sit By The Fire' that really stands out within her work of late. With such unbridled power and emotion layered throughout, we can't wait to hear what else she has in store for us in the months ahead as well.

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