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Track by Track w/ Sean Lafontaine

Ahead of the release of his latest EP titled 'Thorn, Sliver, Smolder', Flex caught up with Sean Lafontaine who took us through each track from the EP. 'Thorn, Silver, Smolder' is out on March 29th.


“Take your guard down, turn up the volume, sit back, and let ‘Thorn” tear in with this raw, dirty, overdriven, fist-pumping instrumental. No fancy dancy, polished riffs here, just good guitar-driven Rock. Produced with the music lover in mind “Thorn” brings you to the stadium, front and center stage.”


“Close your eyes and let the storm witch "Sliver" dig her nails in with a pumping bass, steady moving backbeat, and black magic rhythm guitar. As the thunder rolls she slowly pulls you closer and screams a spell  in the form of a screeching melody that places you in a trance so she can slowly rip and tear out the painful slivers in your life.”


“Don't close your eyes and keep your guard up. “Smolder” isn't far behind. He creeps up with a scream and starts beating you down with slamming bass, heavy backbeat, ripping rhythm guitar, and a mystifying melody. But just when you think you can't handle the beating any longer, “Smolder” backs off and slowly walks around you as he splits in two and starts teaching you a lesson with two different stories. Once he thinks you have heard enough he becomes one again and beats you down until you fade out.”


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