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Ty in the Building reveals heated single 'Vice Avenue' featuring Sada Baby and BabyTron

An artist still at the very beginning of his journey, it feels like Ty in the Building has been creating music for decades. A born natural and oozing star quality and talent, 'Vice Avenue' is the latest adventure from the emerging artist. The type of track that would fit perfectly on GTA's soundtrack, 'Vice Avenue' is the sort of single you stick on while driving in your car, forgetting about your worries for a few minutes.

Summarising the new anthem, TY shares, “Vice Avenue is just about having fun at a party or in the club. When I first heard the beat, it reminded me of something that would be in grand theft auto Vice city and I loved it. When we were thinking of a name I wasn’t sure what to call it. We thought about “ Jump” or “screenshot” but that seemed too basic. When i made the artwork I wanted it to be GTA inspired because The beat inspired me of the game, and in the game there’s a bunch of strips with clubs on there. So we came up with “Vice Avenue” referencing the game GTA Vice City”

One of the strongest releases of 2021.

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