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Tyrin shares genre-bending release 'So Long'

Tyrin is a constantly evolving creative genius who consistently demonstrates his unique artistry with each release. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York, this dynamic artist possesses a boundary-pushing style of music creation that transcends traditional genres. With his latest release, the cathartic single 'So Long', Tyrin makes a triumphant return to the scene in 2023.

“I wrote this song about a situation I was in a little bit ago that made me fall for someone who didn't share the same feelings I did. but i wrote it as if i were narrating it because that's sort of what i did in real life. There was always a big part of me that knew I'd probably end up getting hurt at the end of the day but the heart wants what the heart wants. back when I made this I would definitely describe myself as someone who would love a lot and love hard.” - Tyrin

Blending the best of indie-pop and rap, 'So Long' is an amalgamation of uplifting melodies and emotionally charged lyrics that delve deep into the agony of love's scorching aftermath. This genre-bending track is a testament to Tyrin's artistic versatility and showcases his ability to create music that resonates with listeners from all walks of life.

Listen to 'So Long' below:

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