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UK Electro-Pop Artist SAPPHIRE Shares New Single 'Repeat'

Blending commercial pop with elements of EDM while experimenting with production, SAPPHIRE expertly balances varying elements on the new single 'Repeat'.

Opening with a pulsing bassline which drives the track forward with energy, SAPPHIRE's vocals are given the space to shine. As the track builds towards it's ultra catchy chorus, the track brings in crunchy beats and layers the vocals with Daft Punk-esque vocoders before gently drifting intro sampled vocal cuts. Reaching a stunning climate at the 2.45 mark, SAPPHIRE's experimentation peaks and she builds an atmospheric, arpeggiator led soundscape akin to the more electronic moments of of The 1975.

Despite being an Electronic-Pop track packed with EDM production techniques, SAPPHIRE manages to avoid stepping into the aura of dance music and keeps a level of simplicity to the production which manages to steer clear of sounding overproduced or cheesy elegantly.

Speaking on her music SAPPHIRE said: “I like to turn my overthinking into songs. I’ve been making music for as long as i can remember, and I used to post covers on youtube which has given me some amazing opportunities over the past few years. Getting to make music is the most exciting thing ever, and I just really hope my songs can be the soundtrack to your life in some way.” A stunning addition to her already glittering catalogue, SAPPHIRE is surely set to continue her steep rise to fame over the coming months.


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