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  • Paul Riley

UK Rap Star 1sun Drops Phenomenal New Single “2A.M” Alongside Vic Prince

Rising Luton rapper 1sun has unveiled his latest single, “2A.M”, in collaboration with south London rapper Vic Prince. 1sun has been building his catalogue for several years with a series of well-received releases, such as 2020’s “Brotherhood” with Si Phili, and latest release “2A.M” looks set to see him continue his rise and break new ground.

The afroswing-infused rap track impresses with its fusion of different styles. Vic Prince, who is originally from Marbella, Spain sets off the track by tapping into his heritage and rapping in Spanish while 1sun raps in English, with his dynamic cadence and impeccable delivery on full display. The two styles merge perfectly and are complemented by the track’s infectious hook and strong melodic presence that resonates throughout. An anthem for the summer, “2A.M” arrives alongside an equally impressive music video directed by DUST.

Speaking further on the new release, 1sun says, “My inspiration for the track is like the chorus says, explaining to someone you care about that you want to show them who you are – not just words. Vic and I tapped into what we all feel when we want to make a commitment, after the minefield that is modern dating. The song is about growth, maturity, respect and love.

“Vic and I came up with the concept during lockdown, and as soon as we were allowed outside, we made a summer classic. As a Gemini, I got to exercise my creative freedom by having different styles and flows on this track.”

“2A.M” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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