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Ukraine-hailing songstress SHY reflects on the power of creativity with latest offering

Photo credit: Madina Oktyabrinska

As Ukraine navigates a time of ongoing conflict, the sheer power of art never fails to counter the message of war. Cutting through the noise with purely fostered passion, insightful lyricism and unshakeable resilience; Ukrainian creatives like songstress SHY are coming forth with the energy of resistance as they humanise a collective struggle. Having fled Ukraine in 2022, SHY now introduces her art to a new nation as she resolutely re-builds her fanbase in Dublin, Ireland with first English-speaking release ‘You Don’t Think Of Me’.

Undoubtedly an artist born out of a yearning for hope and nostalgia, SHY possesses a unique talent for the creation of thought-provoking projects rooted in unfeigned experiences. Having curated a well-balanced musical diet for herself following limited genre exposure as a child, SHY proceeded despite the odds. Seizing all and any opportunities afforded to her, SHY’s multiple direct observations of war and destruction is reflected in her evolved and truly authentic approach to her craft. By embracing moments of self-reflection, love stories and light throughout dark, sombre periods of her life, the singer-songwriter is determined to celebrate simple, heartfelt and warm compositions.

“They’re my silver lining”

A far cry from SHY’s current reality, the artist’s latest offering was written and recorded in Kyiv during the worldwide lockdown. Now taking on a new meaning and penetrating the horrors of war with her velvet-like soprano tone, her heartfelt delivery effortlessly veers towards a stream of consciousness, reflecting on internal and external battles. As a wistful melody surrounds SHY’s sweet, mellow delivery, bubbly guitar riffs and unhurried drum patterns support the spring-like, feel-good release while the multi-talented artist discovers a pure means of translating and understanding her experiences.

“My creative energy was very pure during this time and I was very hopeful for the future, but I believe in the power of art. Music, cinema and literature did inexplicable things to me at times when I lost faith, home, and my loved ones. Art is all about creation, fostering learning and growth, making people feel human, vulnerable and strong at the same time. Art is the exact opposite of war.”

With an aspiration to release work that not only revives her career, but to solidify herself as a significant Ukrainian voice to be heard across the globe, SHY is adept at discovering a pure means of translating and understanding her response to their chaotic surroundings. Where difficulty and strife show up in unexpected ways, the multi-talented artist lives consciously and moves with intention as she navigates a new reality.

Speaking of her latest offering, SHY said:

“It's a fan girl/boy diary - picturing someone who is insanely in love and obsessed with a rock star and wishes they had a chance to meet their hero in real life. In tune with the name and the vibe of the album "Awkward Tunes", this situation is quite awkward itself and probably a bit immature. However, it is also quite relatable and very natural at some point in our lives. YDTOM is a moment of revelation about how much you're in love and how unlikely it is to turn into a happy ending.”

'You Don't Think Of Me' is out now. Check it out below:



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