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updog is 'taking a stand' against bullies in his new track

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

‘taking a stand’ is the latest track from updog, taken from his upcoming seven track EP ‘falling is flying’ penned for release this summer. This song, like his others has reminded me how strong his story-telling skills are within his lyrics - with the track feeling so raw and angry at the antagonist of the track that you want to scream along in support.

He says, “This song is dedicated against bullies of any kind and caliber. It was inspired by a real life situation that happened to someone very close to me and when they told me this, I immediately emphasized with them and their pain and decided to write a song about those feelings and their experience to empower them. I tried to capture everything I felt that that person wanted to tell their bully if they could go back and do so.”

Stand-out lyrics in this one include these from the pre-chorus ‘and no amount of words could ever fix the damage done, no matter how much you ignore it won’t come undone, hard to blame you when you acted out of cowardice, you better sit down’.

updog is paving his way into 2022 with a bit of a darker sound and exploring darker themes than some of his older stuff. But, not to worry, with lyrics that are still riddled with clever wordplay, ‘taking a stand’ proves that although he is diverting from the more upbeat pop we grew to know and love in 2021 - updog has a lot more to give us this year.



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