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Various Blonde Call For Love In Our Modern Chaotic Times With "Love Is How We Survive"

The key to a perfect day is sticking on Various Blonde's hypnotising new single "Love Is How We Survive', and you heard it here first. Fusing electronic and futuristic rock to create their innovative soundscapes, Various Blonde's new offering is fuelled with memorable pop melodies suited to get stuck in your head from this moment on. Just under three minutes long, 'Love Is How We Survive' is a glistening single with layers of character.

"Distance collaboration was really fun and way less of a challenge than we thought it would be. Everyone at Nuerotik and Amatista went above and beyond to keep us in the loop. It was really cool to hear their perspective on the message of the song. We had all been thru Covid miles away from each other, but all knew what it meant to be pushed to the limit and be left with nothing but love to help keep us going. It was a unique experience in unprecedented times, for sure. I’m glad we found a way to create something together in “COVID times” and I hope to work with them again in the future.”

Visually endearing, the video reminds me slightly of The Purge but played in a different role. A group of, what seems like, friends take on their city and stand up for what they believe in. Clearing making a statement that they won't be left in the background as they paint the town pink, the group of angry teenagers commit acts of art terrorism to the people on the streets. Making the song slightly political, the group leave the message that love is the only reason we will survive.


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