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Velvet Shakes Make An Impact with Debut EP 'Mellowdrama'

The debut EP from the exciting emerging act Velvet Shakes is unmissable. It's got an interesting name too, right? Mellowdrama. "Because it both encapsulates the passion and emotion of a traditional 'melodrama' but also because it was created during lockdown when life had never been o 'mellow' being stuck in our homes whilst outside and on the news, all of this 'drama' was unfolding," explains the band. Velvet Shakes has recently managed to wrap up some of their very best work yet. Mellowdrama delivers for its excellent production, while also delivering some honest and genuine songwriting. Today, some people are quite cynical about the state of music, often looking back on the “good old days.” However, I am an optimist, and it’s easy to see why: fresh artists like Velvet Shakes are all about breaking the usual cliches and rules of the industry, while experimenting with their own formula in order to keep challenging themselves and stay innovative. As a result, they can really provide something that’s unique and one-of-a-kind for their audience. If you like music that feels personal and made with passion, you should definitely look into Mellowdrama by Velvet Shakes. This amazing new EP is a powerful statement from a band that clearly have lots to say. A stand-out track for us is 'Alone Again'. The band explains the track's origins: "The title says it all - don't wanna be alone again. This one's a nod to Josh's newfound love of 80s music. We managed to get our old uni lecturer Mr Tim France doing his thing on his saxophone on the outro - that's pretty special for us because he's the guy that essentially brought us together." How sweet. This lot aren't just talented, they're nice people too(!) Find out more about Velvet Shakes, and do not miss out on Mellowdrama, which is currently available to stream and download now.

Stream Mellowdrama here:

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