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Virtual, Animated, Alt-Pop Enigma Maie Introduces Herself To The World With Debut Single ‘Like You’

Updated: Mar 18

Playing on the phrase“I think therefore I am”, virtual reality pop star, Maie is making her debut on the infectious, dark new single 'Like You'. With ongoing the rise in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, Maie is an intriguing look at how the music industry is keeping up with the ever growing metaverse. ‘Like You’ is released through Avastar, a progressive Melbourne-based record label transforming music through their roster of non-human artists, including Maie and RUBY 9100M.

Maie's debut is a intriguing, dark and complex take on electro-pop that describes the intricate relationship between her existence and our physical reality. Offering an insight into how her music can develop the track is at once catchy and accessible whilst retaining a freeness and an experimental with it's synth heavy, electronic production under the dreamy lead vocals.

Listen below:

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