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West Wickhams dazzle us with their immersive new EP 'Vivre Sa Vie'

Ever since they first emerged, Surrey's West Wickhams have always been one to explore a more atmospheric direction than most. Rekindling the darker and more emotive textures within the post-punk realm on recent outings, they now return with their immersive new EP 'Vivre Sa Vie', a release brimming with tender and electrifying tones.

Throughout their newest offering, the pair look to deliver a sound far broader and more dynamic than we have been treated to in the past. Moving with this elegant grace that sweeps and swoons as it plays, 'Vivre Sa Vie' sees them return with a truly rich and tantalising release, building upon their already impressive repertoire to date.

While this new collection marks the end of a two-year silence from the band, it is clear that West Wickhams have spent that time crafting a fresh and enticing aesthetic for themselves. Progressive and engaging in equal measure, they continue to shine across this vibrant new gem.

Enjoy 'Vivre Sa Vie' below.



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