• Andrew Lewis

whatshisface releases genre-bending anthem ‘Unaware’

Defying the boundaries of genres, Los Angeles based musician whatshisface has released the magnetic new single ‘Unaware’. Pulsing beats, warped electronic melodies and dreamy vocals form the crux of the song, which dips into elements of rock, indie-pop and soul amongst others. It’s dark and emotive, yet upbeat and empowering all at once - listeners won’t be able to get enough.

With the lyrics alluding to wanting to escape from reality, ‘Unaware’ showcases not only whatshisface’s divine vocal talent but also his lyrical genius. He says of the song’s meaning: “The older we get, the more reality and real life seep in. ‘Unaware’ is a song aspiring for blissful ignorance. Aligning with the mindset we had when we were younger with no awareness as to what was waiting for us in adulthood.”

Emerging onto the scene late last year, whatshisface has released four singles to date, already gaining almost 400,000 streams on Spotify alone for his original offerings. His project serves an open palette of abstract music and lyrical concepts with no restrictions or reservations. whatshisface is on track for huge success, armed with tracks that never fail to resonate with his listeners.