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‘When Shooting Stars Listen’ is the brand new EP from R&B artist Joey Capo

LA based artist Joey Capo has shared a collection of 7 luxe tracks that are perfect to keep on repeat during some late night listening. Carrying an admirably honest narrative, each of the tracks tell the story of Capo’s career journey, harbouring the sentiment that hard work really does make dreams come true. As Joey explains, “I created the EP ‘When Shooting Stars Listen’ because I finally reached a point in my career and life that was once a dream. This EP touches on things in the past, present, and the belief I have in my future. Each song created tells a story on what life once was, to where it's all going. I created it in that way because the main thing I want to do with my music is inspire the world to believe in themselves. Having them really manifest their own dreams as they truly embody what their life would be like when shooting stars listen.”

Delivering impressive melodies all whilst inspiring his listeners lyrically, Joey Capo is an artist who does it all. His passion for his craft leaps from each of his offerings, and suggests that this is just the start for this tenacious talent.

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