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Willum Maindo releases hard-hitting single “Slay This Bitch”

Willum Maindo’s music directly represents his home city of London. Diverse at it’s core, his music pays homage to many different genres and inspirations. His musical offerings are a melting pot of 90s R&B classics, American Rap, and Hip-Hop that also nods to inspiration such as D’Angelo, Jacob Collier and Kanye West. Producing and mixing his releases in a DIY fashion, it’s clear to see that Maindo has lived and breathed music for a very long time.

Playful, crisp synths are the backbone of the single, creating a melting pot of melodies. Drums pierce through the mix, reverberating energy around the mix. Vocals are softly penned, but create a larger-than-life sound when paired with divine backing vocals, turning the track into an anthem. Wrapped up in crisp production, the track creates a high-spirited feel that will leave you wanting more.

Speaking about the release, he reveals: “Slay In This Bitch is aggressively sassy and hyper in energy, the song’s main purpose was to be a reminder to myself and anyone that you can literally rule the world if you carry yourself with confidence and if you fully believe in yourself.

Making music since the age of 14, it’s clear to see that Willum Maindo has been refining his talent for a long time. With a fantastic sounding musical offering, we can’t wait to hear where he’ll take this.

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