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Wotts are back with a bang on new single 'be kind'

These last few months have certainly been an ascending time for Canadian duo Wotts. Having just released their much-loved three-track EP 'garden' in recent months, the pair aren't anywhere near slowing down yet as they return with their vibrant new single 'be kind'.

Much like what we got to enjoy on their recent collection, this new outing ventures towards more of that warm and spacey aesthetic they have quickly earned a reputation for. Brimming with this wonderfully rich and progressive direction from start to finish, 'be kind' stands as one of their most captivating and enthralling efforts to date.

There have been very few names that have stuck with us throughout this year, but Wotts are something very special indeed. With consistency and ingenuity flushed throughout everything they deliver, we cannot wait to hear what else they have in store for us in the months ahead as well.

Enjoy 'be kind' below.



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