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XTIE releases euphoric new pop single ‘Cloud 9’

Hong Kong native XTIE returns with ‘Cloud 9’, a fresh track for the new year with her signature, ethereal vocals. Blending her euphoric pop with cinematic soundscapes and heart-wrenching melodies, XTIE dives deep into her psyche, questioning her different paths in life. With a subtle nod to energetic Europop and a distinctly electronic drop, XTIE’s exciting pop sound is taking her global.

Talking about the new track, XTIE shares: “This track is a collaboration with Kepatime. I wrote ‘Cloud 9’ based on a dream. The song talks about how hard it is to throw ourselves all in for something we want to pursue, and into what we are passionate about, and we all don't know how long will it take for the time to come in this journey, it is a very lonely journey. We put ourselves up in the clouds when we do our own passion project, but you don't know if you'd fall one day.” She further shares: “The track is full of energy, and a mood booster. I hope anyone who listens to this song can feel the warmth in the lyrics, and give our dream a chance, as well as remember who we are.”

XTIE is an independent singer-songwriter / electro-pop artist from Hong Kong. She weaves ear-candy pop beats with candid storytelling and her warm jazz-tinged vocals. As a self-produced artist, she writes, arranges, produces, and performs her songs.

Her latest single ‘frenemy’ peaked at number 1 on the RTHK Global chart. XTIE recently performed at her debut concert ‘Badtime Story Live 2021’ presented and supported by KKLIVE & KKBOX.

Already having garnered support from BBC Radio Scotland, RTHK, Commercial Radio Hong Kong, SCMP Young Post, LOCK Magazine UK, The Noise Gate UK, Music Crowns and HONK Magazine, XTIE shows her ability to create shimmering candy-pop beats, sweeping melodies with vocal chops, mellow chill out vibes and euphoric dancefloor moments.

Apart from her releases as a producer-artist, she writes and produces for other artists and bands. Recent works include her production on the theme song for ViuTV King Maker IV, (a girl group competition). She writes and produces for A-Pop / K-pop markets as well.

Effortlessly creating bubblegum-pop beats and sweeping melodies, her music will transport you to the euphoria of the dancefloor.

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