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Young Gravity drops tender yet euphoric "Intoxicated"

Rising Bosnian, Arab, and North African rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter Young Gravity delivers R&B-infused hip-hop production “Intoxicated,” inspired by his first alcohol-induced blackout.

With laid-back yet groovy rap verses settled over hazy beats, the track is a vulnerable exploration of wanting to change your ways yet being sucked back into the momentary euphoria of coping mechanisms, that lead you straight back to the loneliness you were trying to escape from in the first place.

Pulled from his innermost feelings that can still strike a chord with anyone who has experienced insecurities and anxieties that they’ve tried to run away from, “Intoxicated,” is rooted in Gravity’s signature artistic pillars of catharsis and escapism.

Speaking of the message behind the tender but euphoric track he says, “Intoxicated to me means you've gone above and beyond in burying yourself deeper in the pain you're hiding from.”

Born in Tuzla, Bosnia and living a life marked by homelessness and poverty due to the Bosnian war, Gravity who moved to the US with his family was faced with more struggles in the form of crime, drugs, gangs, and depression.

Finding solace in music and poetry, later infusing it with his passion for flowing raps and catchy beats, Young Gravity has honed his craft and found a space for himself in music with heartfelt hip-hop style.

At only 23, this promising talent who has already set up his own label and put out multiple singles, three albums, continues his ascent with the strength of his emotive yet infectious musicality.

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