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Youth Killed It return with their anthemic new single 'Up All Night'

Ever since they first emerged, Norwich's Youth Killed It have always looked to blend the classic with the contemporary, giving them an extremely identifiable sound over the years. And after the barnstorming response to their much-hyped 2022 EP 'I'm A Believer, I Just Don't Believe Ya', they continue that innovative direction on their anthemic new single 'Up All Night'.

Creating this incredibly rich and euphoric energy for their newest effort, they return to the scene with a truly infectious and enjoyable release here. Blending bold and driven textures with a dancefloor swagger layered underneath, 'Up All Night' is a bright and danceable indie-rock belter, brimming with infectious grooves throughout.

These last few years have certainly seen them grow in both sound and popularity, but 'Up All Night' is a far different beast to their usual output. Distinctive and catchy from beginning to end, you'll be humming this one long after you first hear it.



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