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Zach James Douglas teams up with Lupupa to release new single ‘You’re Still Everything’

Dublin's rising producer Zach James Douglas has teamed up with Milton Keynes's Lupupa to release an emotionally-penned new single 'You're Still Everything.' Zach James Douglas is quickly increasing his reputation as a producer due to his unique and signature style. His music nods to many different genres and artists, all forming together to create his signature sound.

‘You’re Still Everything’ actually nods very heavily to Zach's indie rock and shoegaze inspirations. Drums cut through the mix, reverberating energy around the track and providing the perfect foundation for melodies to be laid upon. Guitars and synths glisten in the mix fluctuating between each other. On top, Lupupa's voice contains a soft tone that floats in the mix, but his vocals are tinged with rawness and emotion.

Speaking about the release Zach tells us:

“With my previous single “I’d Breathe For You”, the focus was based around the challenges faced by an individual, struggling to build meaningful connections during lockdown, but with “You’re Still Everything” I felt it was important to acknowledge those who put others before themselves and served as a rock for the ones they love, who couldn’t quite cope with the weight of the pandemic on their own. The level of mental fortitude required to maintain any relationship during lockdown is immense, but for those who have to carry the additional weight of a partner struggling to keep their heads above water, requires a level of compassion and empathy that I find awe inspiring. Unfortunately, a number of relationships within my social circle crumbled throughout covid, that notwithstanding, would probably still be going strong today. As sad as this is, it was always inevitable that some may not make it out the other end, but I’d like to think that for many of those relationships that did manage to weather the storm, that they have now forged a new level of resilience that might not have existed before and that their brightest days may still be let to come.“

With his E.P release getting ever closer, we can’t wait to see where this talented artist will take his career.



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