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Zack Robertson releases thrilling single ‘Lovely’

Indie-rock songwriter Zack Robertson is back with ‘Lovely’, a fiery single with electrifying arrangement. Roaring distortion across the guitar riffs is blended with swirling arpeggios, delicately balancing raw unstoppable energy with flowing melodies. Pounding drums incorporate rattly, fast-paced hi-hats to push the high-octane atmosphere forward all the while Zack delivers a raw and animated vocal performance that stays in line with the thrilling instrumentation.

Zack dives into his ambition, “‘Lovely’ isn't just a love song, it's a song that I feel the world needs. It has an extremely positive outlook and pulls no punches when describing the feeling involved.”

Already performing at prestigious UK festivals such as the Isle Of White Fest and Teddy Rocks, Zack is well on the way to becoming a rising star as continues to release a slew of singles, ‘Lovely’ being his sixth release since his debut in June 2023.



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